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Myofascial Release and Professional Body Sugaring

Briana Descalchuk, RMT

To request an appointment, please text or call (306)381-6008

Briana Descalchuk, RMT has been a practicing member of MTAS since 2006. She has been working out of her home since 2010. In 2012 her journey with John F. Barnes Method of myofascial release began. She has attended several seminars in the US and Canada and plans to continue down this path! **AS OF AUGUST 2017 PLEASE BOOK MASSAGE THERAPY APPOINTMENTS THROUGH ERINDALE CHIROPRACTIC (306)955-6262 OR MASSAGESASKATOON.COM

She also attained her Alexandria Professional body sugaring certification in 2010 and her Master Sugaring Practitioner Certificate in 2017. 

Body Sugaring

Whether you are looking for regular maintenance or getting ready for a sunny vacation, body sugaring is an amazing and effective hair removal option! Sugar will not tear or burn! Experience less irritation due to all natural ingredients (water, sugar and lemon juice)! Removes every hair! To learn more visit

Myofascial Release

A whole mind-body focused therapeutic treatment addressing fascial restrictions to alleviate acute or chronic pain conditions, stress, anxiety, sleep disturbance, maternity discomfort and more. To learn more visit

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